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Sync iPhone app to STRIIV website

I would like the ability to sync my iPhone STIIV app to my online account. I started with the phone app and have now bought the STIIV smart pedometer and would like to upload my progress from the phone to the device. I have an iPhone 4 (not the 4S). I would also like to be able to link y STIIV pedometer to Myfitnesspal like the phone app does,

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I just bought the Striiv smart pedometer and would like to upload my progress from my iphone app and not start all over with myland progress. Is this possible?



I asked the same thing  a few  months  ago as the  smart  was on  sale  I thought it  link with this site and  fitness pal but  it  doesn't only  play  does I bought  a play but  had to return it  because there fine  print was  so  small my  ipod touch  4th  generation isn't  capatble with ehe  play  which sucks new ipod is 300 bucks.this new support ticket system with no phone support  sucks they only return emails when they  fell like it goingto back to  fitbit.

I would like to do the opposite. I have the Striiv smart pedometer and recently purchased the fitness pal. I would like to sync my fitness pal to my online account because I have been using the Striiv smart pedometer for about a year. I would like my history and personal bests to transfer.
You should be able to sync the striiv smart pedometer with fitness pal as I do. All you have to do is finish your walking for the day and then go into fitness pal. If u do any other exercise enter manually

IT appears many of us have asked the same question without answers.  I have sent in tickets on a few items.  How do I add friends to my Smart Pedometer and can I sync the iPhone app to my online account and there for, my smart pedometer?

The Striiv answers on the other forum state that the databases for the Striiv App and the Striiv Smart Pedometer are separate with no way to communicate including the friends list.   I'm sure they will be happy to know people are interested though so vote up this topic if you feel it.

I just bought the Smart Pedometer also and would like to sync it with the website to my iPod 4 if possible. Luckily I have only used the app for a couple days so not too much progress. I wish I could link with friends who use the app though. And there should be a button in the menu to find friends online to challenge besides using my Facebook friends. It would be nice to find people who already use it.

I have the same problem. I cannot sync my Fusion to the website.  This seems like a very basic function that should work. I'll log a ticket.

I am trying to synch my striiv touch to my fitness pal - but I do not have the "app galary in my menu"  what do I do?

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