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Display is in odd units not steps

After charging my play today when it came back on the steps began not counting properly. The steps show currently 05.9K and when synching the count is oddly lower than expected. I took two walks that each are over 1000 steps and it only synced 260 steps. At that time that was exactly the count of my stairs. I then walked with the app open and it was not clocking steps. I tried to reset using a safety pin several times but it's the same way it didn't even reset to 0. Please advise how I can fix this.

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I am also having the same problem - it is not counting steps - my normal day at work is about 2200 - the last few days it has only tracked about 200-400 steps all day!!!  I cannot get mine to rest to zero.

Please advise me how to fix this!!!


Help!  Same problem.  Walked a 5K this morning and it is only showing 2,600 steps.  

We've found a recent bug where the step count on the Play incorrectly decreases throughout the day.  If you guys are seeing this issue, can you try killing and restarting your Striiv app?  We recently released an update for our app, and we've noticed that certain phones were not restarting our app as expected.  This caused the iPhone to send incorrect data to the Play, and that has caused a few folks to see the step counts on their Plays to decrease instead of increase throughout the day.  
-  While not in the Striiv App, double click on the physical home button on your iPhone.
-  You should see a list of applications on the bottom of the screen.
-  Find the Striiv app and hold down on the icon until a red '-' appears.
-  Click on the '-'.
-  Re-launch the Striiv app.

I noticed this problem too but only when my battery power is very low.  Once it is completely charged up, no problem. 

my striiv pedometer does not accurately count my steps.  As we near a goal, or maybe late in the day, it begins to miss giving me credit for steps or stairs.


I walked 1 mile and my device showed .6

My misses steps (actually it periodically stops entirely counting steps). I checked the info and it shows B:0 T:0 C:1 when it stops counting and goes back to B:0 T:0 C:0 when it starts. Not sure if every time it does that because I just noticed it. Could that indicate a problem when C:1 displays?

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