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Car Mode

I love this app, but I just realized that it counts bumps and vibration of my car as "steps." For example, I drove to my favorite trail and checked steps at the end. By the time I got home it had an additional almost thousand steps. Maybe it's just my phone or my car, but I wish there was an option to turn off/pause detection.

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Powering down would be a nice feature for this device.

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Why would airplane mode do anything? That just turns off communication. The device should still be running and collecting stats that it will dump when you turn it back on. What we need is a simple means of turning the divice on and off, or more reliable filtering.

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If you look through the review of the app it's apparently a very common problem; I hate doing it, but since I'm on an ipad I just close out the app and turn my device on airplane mode when I know I'm going anywhere (I know this won't work for everyone, though)
I had no clue it used vibrations?? I thought it was all GPS. Why not just shut the app down then reopen it? I wondered how it knew if you were cycling, driving etc. it doesn't add steps for me when I drive, I figured it could tell bc of the speed?

The adding steps when you drive seems very dependent on the quality of your roads and transmission of your vehicle. 

for example my car works great, but the super shuttle form the airport in their van gave me 1500+ steps.

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