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Will there be an Android app?

I received the Striiv as a present and like it a bunch! However, I would LOVE it even more if there were an app for my Samsung Galaxy S3. I have talked several people into getting the Striiv, and they are in the same boat. None of us have iphones or care to have one. So is there any plan to make an app for us loyal android users?

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I agree, since the replacement striiv pedometer that I received just quit as well. 

There is an Android beta currently active check out the facebook page and other forum on striivs website.

No Play or Myland or races or etc yet. but worth getting in to check otu the improved interface.

Good news.  Striiv beta is up in the Play store.  So if you want to try the android no opting in just download and go.

The android version doesn't have relay races, doesn't have myland, and is also missing many other things. Nowhere near as fun as the IOS version.

I just purchased the Walgreens Premium ActivityTracker witg Smarthwatch Technology made by Striiv and I am not able connect this device to my LG G2 which is running Android 5.0.2. Help me please.
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