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How to start at zero each day

So I just bought my striiv play last night I turned it on last night to test it out then shut it off. When I started it today it still had my 118 steps from the night before how do I start at zero?

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I have had 2 days this past month where the time matches my iPhone clock and 100% charge on my Striiv Play bit the steps have not rolled back to zero. Please add a video tutorial.

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By the way: it seems poor customer service if Laura above has been waiting 2 days with no assistance.

My wife has waited for 2 weeks+ for customer service to return a reply on an open ticket.  Eventually, she had to restore her striiv from scratch.  Today, my Striiv has this same problem, and I have no doubt that a years worth of stats are going to be lost just like my wife's.  Customer services USED to be GREAT at Striiv.  Not anymore.

Is there a phone number to be able to speak to someone at customer care?


There should be a reset somewhere.  Had my Striiv turned off in my car for a day.  Turned it on when I got here to work.  Already over 7000 steps today stepping out of my car.  That is with the iphone app and the play turned off.

Sorry guys.  You should be sure to check out Striiv's other forums

This issue pops up A LOT.

To avoid failure to reset at midnight be sure the Striiv Play is powered on at midnight.

Problems still happen but are much less likely.  If you have a reset failure.  Sync play and your iOS device.  Manually reset your iOS back to just before midnight in the settings.  When the time rolls back over you should have a successful reset.  You can go back into settings and set your iOS device back to auto update date/time.

When recharged steps do not go back to 0. Very frustrating.
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