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Striiv won't start up

I just got a striiv play and it won't start up. I have charged it, tried waking it up with a paper clip as the instructions suggested...still no luck. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

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Ok the device woke up. It's all good
I am having the same problem. Please help
I am also having the same problem?


Me too.  I even went back to Best Buy and exchanged it for another one.  The second one will not start up.  I tried charging with two different iPhone chargers (both of which work on my iPhones, and tried two different laptops.  I let both units sit and "charge" overnight.  I did the whole routine several times: plug into charger, press reset with paper clip (felt and heard the click), press the toggle button, unplug from charger, press reset, press toggle.  nothing.  I did it many times in a row: nothing. 

Also, there is supposed to be some kind of light that shows when it is charging.  I don't even get that.

I contacted Striiv's help desk, and received the contents of the FAQ as a reply.  I also received a lot of helpful distructions on pairing my iPhone with the Striiv Play....the one that won't even charge, and therefore won't turn on.

After they sent the reply to my ticket, they marked the ticket "RESOLVED".  WTF?!? I work in IT, and you do not mark tickets resolved, until the customer is happy with the solution!!!


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There does seem to be a lot of bad units on the front end.

So basically in my experience as a Striiv customer.  If you press the button when you get it and it doesn't power on.  Leave it charge for an hour. 

If you press the button and it still doesn't respond, use a paper clip in the small hole to reset it, while it is plugged in.  Leave it to charge for an hour.

If the device still doesn't react when the button is pressed harass Striiv till they take it back.

And yes I do mean harass Striiv.  Sadly they seem to have their bug forms and other contact methods significantly targeted by spammers and they have a lot of junk to wade through to find paying customers.

I believe I have one of the original Striiv devices (which is no longer responding, even when charged.  I don't seem to have a spot to stick a paper clip.  The only things I see on my device is the power button, a place to charge the Striiv, and a place to put a key chain.  Is there something I am missing?

Regarding harassing you have any ideas on how to do that?  Since they no longer have a customer service phone line and they are non-responsive to "tickets", I am not sure how to harass them for a replacement.

I have used my Stiiv every day for a couple of years and have really loved it.  I am really sad to have it non-functional but am not prepared to spend another $100 on a brand new one...particularly when customer service seems non-existent.  Ideas welcome!


You folks are getting complaints and no one from your end is answering  any of our questions.  I just brought two of the striivs and I plan to return them because of the customer service is non existent!

Mine doesnt have a reset hole to put a paper clip in! 

I can't get pass the download. It keeps asking to

download the program as i already did,and then shuts down.

One year ago I bought the old model for my mom she loved it and used it a lot, and this year I bought her this as a gift unfortunately it does not work and not charging no indicators and doesn't respond to hard reset. Unfortunately am not in the US and if Striiv doesn't respond to US customers I am not sure if they will do with my case a loss of $100 and disappointed my mom :(

I'm having the same problem. It has worked fine since November when I bought it, but this morning after being charged all night it wouldn't start up.

so I've got a new procedure that has worked a couple times.  Plug the play into the charger, grab a paper clip and hit the reset button through the little hole a few times(3-4) wait a moment, if it doesn't start showing the expected output give it a few minutes in case the battery is very dead, and try again.  I'm 3/3 on the new procedure.

I've barely had my Striiv smart pedometer for a month and now it won't turn on. It's been charging all night so I know that's not the issue. I'm not sure what everyone is talking about the reset paper clip hole either, because my Smart only has a pwer button, the charger button, and the thing to connect the holder.


Thanks, Chris Eleveld! The triple stabbing with a paperclip in the reset hole was what finally worked for me. Thanks for that post!

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