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Transfer data to new Striiv?

I broke my Striiv and need to transfer all the accumulated data to a replacement unit. How do I do that?


Can I just sync my brand new Striiv to my laptop like before? Will it transfer all the steps, stairs, animals, etc. to the new Striiv, or will the new Striiv start over from zero? I don't want to lose all the work I've done!


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My wife and I have had the same problem. Unless Striiv can give you a better answer, our information did not transfer with the new units--our progress was reset. 

So far, Striiv hasn't given me ANY answer. I'm still waiting for a response before I do anything...

Trying to get an answer to this as well...I do remember reading a solution at one time re: transfer to a new unit, but someone at Striiv had to walk the customer through it.  I hope they respond soon; my Striiv is on its last legs and I've already purchased a replacement...just need to hear from them!


My striiv is in the same boat and I have a ticket in for a more than a week and I still can';t get my old data transfered to my new striiv.  Good luck with that.

Good news! It's fixed!


Striiv Customer Care can indeed transfer all the data from a lost or broken Striiv pedometer to a new one. All you need is the "Device ID" for both the old Striiv and the new one. They will then take care of transferring the data for you. It's not something you can do yourself.


If you want to find your Striiv's Device ID, they'll walk you through it, but if you're curious it's at

C:/Program Files/Striiv/Devices. (for Windows XP) or

C:/Users/<yourname>/AppData/Local/Virtual Store/Program Files/Striiv/Devices (for Win 7) or

Home > Library > Application Support > Striiv > Devices (for Mac).


Thanks, Striiv!

I actually was able to go to the Striiv app on my iPhone. Click More>Device Info and there it was: my Device ID!!!!!! So now all I need to do is open a ticket and include the Device ID for both devices and ask them to transfer. Is that correct?

Yup, that sounds right. No matter how you find the Device ID, Striiv will need to know both the old one and the new one, plus some details of your login. They do their magic on their end, and all your data will be transferred to your new Striiv.


how does one contact striiv to do thier magic?

Striving are quick to tout advantages of unit but slow to non existent on help. The customer service phone says it has been discontinued .ihavebought three units for friends they all feel the same. Sad commentaryonthier success
True, I was a bit disappointed in the 1-week response time from tech support, but once they replied they were quite helpful. You want to start by opening a support ticket, near the upper-right corner of this screen. 

One thing of note.  Striiv Play devices will reset the current daily progress when switched but can be done from within the iOS app which stores and tracks all information on the Striiv servers.  You can swap devices out on your own. 

The Striiv Smart Pedometer on the other hand syncs through a computer and requires Customer support to change things back at Striiv to transfer progress.

I rarely write gushing e-mails, but I have to say I LOVE this product! I bought it this past December, and it is so entertaining & has motivated me to get more active with the challenges and My Land game.  So I was pretty upset when I lost mine a few weeks ago, and immediately ordered a new one on Amazon (with a tether clip this time).  I was worried I'd lost all my progress... 

When I got my replacement pedometer, I set up a support ticket and had a great customer service experience.  They e-mailed me back the same day (last Sunday) and asked for my device ID.  It took 3-4 days, but they handled it perfectly & all my prior data is now on my new device, thanks to Lucy, my customer care fairy.  You guys have a loyal fan (even more), and I've been telling all my friends about this awesome product!

I love my striiv!  My first one broke after only having it for a very short time (under 30 days), due to their technical issues, not something I had done.  I contacted them, and they sent me a refurbished one, not a new one, which didn't work, as the screen was fuzzy and I contacted them for months, and they still hadn't resolved the issue.  I ended up purchasing a new one, as their customer service was either not available or so slow that it was beyond frustrating.  When I finally got help, they did switch the info quickly, but it's not something you can do yourself.  I just wish that there was a warranty on their products, as they can be costly, and although wonderful, their customer service and willingness to make things right needs a lot of help.  I've spent more than I should have on their products due to their poor service and sometimes, as I experienced, they just have problems with their products.  It's quite disappointing.  When things work, however, they're great products!


I am in the process of waiting for an answer on my open ticket (sent it a few minutes ago, & received an instant "autoreply"). But I have sent customer care 2 other issues and they responded quickly within 48 hours. Unfortunately the answer was not good for me since I had a Smart ped. (that I killed), bought a Fusion to replace it and then found out that the Fusion does not link to the PC dashboard data, only to the ios or android phone app. I love the Challenges and My Land so I bought another Smart ped. & I'm waiting for Striiv Support to link the 2 devices' data together for me.

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