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pedometer with the lanyard...,.accurate?

Having broken one screen so far, I am hoping wearing in a lanyard will prove more durable but am doubting the accuracy in lanyard mode.  Does anybody have any comments on this to share?

I can answer my own question... It is very accurate.  I compared the lanyard to a regular stepper I have had for a number of years that goes in your pocket and I am very impressed by how close they are.

I also found the lanyard to be a great way to keep this guy away from sharp and hard things and really is easy to forget.

Try the Lanyard it is a great idea

I have my Striiv on a lanyard and I also have a Fitbit I wear on my bra.  The Striiv is not nearly as accurate.  It misses at least 10% of steps each day and 12-15% of stairs.  The Fitbit's accuracy is perfect.  I still love my Striiv for the challenges though!

Is there a way to wear your Striiv in your bra too?  If it was also pressed against your body it could better feel the motions of your body, it might be more active


With the inaccurate step count in the striiv app, on the setting page, on the play page, on the device info tab, do you notice the Debug Count increasing on days where steps are significantly less?

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