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Pedometer stops counting steps

I have an open ticket for this and support is thinking about it.  I have had it happen twice that I know about.  A reboot seems to solve it

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This is happened to me msny times since i downloaded the latest update. When will this be fixed. I have been cheated out of tens of thousands of steps.

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Having same problem.  Any updates.

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I have been having the same problem. Last week it happened 3 days in a row! Best Buy says I can't return it because I didn't purchase the extra warranty they offered.......very frustrating!
I think I saw this happen... Turning it totally off (the press and hold) and then back on, seemed to fix it.


I also have been having this problem. Yes, I check positioning etc. I like features of the app which is why I got it. I had no problem until all the updates. My habit has always to place ipod touch in its own place and leave it there the entire walk. I use regular Striiv pedometer too. At end of walk my Striiv will show 10K or more steps and the touch shows 2K to 5K on a good day. I have turned unit off then on for a reboot and it seemed to work. However when I took a day, rebooted unit and walked with it & Striiv on treadmill for a 2 mile continuous walk the results were the same. It counted less then a third of the steps as that on the Striiv. I see a lot of problems listed with this app. It is time to update my phone. I don't usually update it cause I don't need all the features touted. Hate to say it but one reason I even considered the update was the Striiv app. Guess update is going to have to wait. This is merely one of the major problems I have been having with the Striiv app. I am totally glad I didn't get dependent upon it.


Same issue as everyone above.  These are not as expensive as the Smart Pedometer but any price is too much to pay if the product is not working as advertised.  I would ask that you please post a response to acknowledge reading these issues so that we know that the issue is being worked on. I was one of the first customers to purchase the Smart pedometer when it first hit the market and customer support was awesome.   

My iPod touch continues to not count steps after latest update no matter what I do. My daughter got mad at me and updated my phone. Due to my eyesight the iPhone was ruled out. Went with a Samsung that has Android. I saw in forum that Android has a beta Striiv out & I downloaded it. Today, I did 12000+ steps according to Striiv pedometer & Android. I had iPod touch turned off. After I harvested coins on iPod touch my Android reset itself back to zero. I don't expect the beta to work 100% but loosing all them steps is frustrating. I still can't figure out why my iPod touch isn't counting steps. If I hold it & lightly tap it on a surface or shake it to simulate walking it will count about 1 out of 4 steps part of the time. Part of the time it doesn't count at all. Its like the sensitivity needs adjustment since this update.


Any answers to why the Striiv Play won't count after downloading the latest update?
I am having problems with my striiv stopping the steps I take. This us very frustrating!! I hate missing my steps what can I do???

With the recent update of the app I have had less of a problem with not counting steps. My daughter has app and has a bigger problem then me. We did a comparison and discovered this; She is more overweight then I am. When she wears her phone on her hip or waist there is very few steps counted. I was carrying my phone there too. I lost weight and toned faster the her. As my weight went down my phone became more accurate in counting steps. I told my daughter and she started carrying her phone, keeping it in a purse or wearing it around her neck in a small purse meant for that. Her phone became more accurate. Both of us have the Striiv pedometer and now our steps are within 500 steps of each other. There are days that one or the other of our phones will not count, reset down steps, or not reset to zero the next day. I think that the app still needs work. I can however see a definte improvement.

I get the same thing with the Striiv Smart Pedometer, hopefully they can fix this major bug which is in the pedometer..

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I have the same issue But I have also noticed the time is sometimes off. this didn't start until after a bunch of updates which has stopped.  I work out at my local Y 3 times a week in the mornings not counting my everyday Mommy tasks. I find it resets its self so its hard to reach some of my goals. I have found that if I attach it to my show when I bike it counts it a little better but still does not give me full credit.

Any advise?

We discovered a few things since then. With our smart phones it helped to have auto rotate off. I don't know the why but I think it may related to phone 'sensing' or 'thinking' about what screen position to be in if activated. I have a less expensive phone and I had less problem. The other thing is frequency of texts. The more the less accurate. The primary reason was/is phone position. The less it can sense movement the less it can count. Daughter secured hers on her overweight upper arm and count was nearly 2K less at our 5K rest point. She was upset. If it can't sense vibration of activity then count is off. Once I realized that I found 3 places to keep phone. One for bad weather, one for comfort and one for change of position with these I rarely have more the 2 to 300 count difference.


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