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Add workouts? + No paying extra to remove ads!

When I get a challenge, it's as if it makes me walk, I can't just jog on the spot or jump rope.. An option to add 'activity' would be good. And even swimming! since there is (a rather expensive) case, that makes your iPhone 30 ft safe and waterproof! More than just walking would be good. Oh and an option to add "30 mins pushing stroller" , or a button to press before you start pushing, or ( carrying a 15 lb load for example). Then press end so that it goes back to normal steps. I do sync with my fitness pal but I can't add 30 mins pushing stroller, bc it would also add the steps from strivv and therefore be inaccurate. I could download endomondo for that, but I'd rather stick to just the 2 apps so that it keeps things simple! That's why I got this app! Oh and don't forget cycling! I also don't think it's fair to have to pay 'twice' for this app! I have you my 5 bucks right? So I shouldn't have ads period. I don't expect to pay for an app, especially when I find out there are ones like endomondo which is free and seems to do more, and then be double charged to take ads away! Especially, also, as it used to be free! 5* from me with these features, from 3* at the moment. Otherwise an incredible app!
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