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Plants and buildings changing without my knowledge

My level 2 fountain that was earning lots of money + gems is now a level 1 wise oak?!  I have zebra ferns in place of warrior poets.  Level 1 bourgainvillas in place of my level 2 birds of paradise.  A parthenon in place of a level 2 money grove.  Why are things changing on my island without me?  This just seems so wrong.  I've worked so hard over the last 6 months to have my island exactly like I want it.

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The same thing keeps happening to me.   Very frustrating.


Me too! I had Lemur Island completely built with many high level buildings/plants. I now have 15-20 bourganvilleaus in their places. I want to know if Striiv can correct this? Or do I need to sell the bourganvilleaus and start again?  FRUSTRATING!!


Well, at least you have something.  Everything on my Striiv was wiped out!!!!!  No plants, no buildings, no turtle island, no money (over a million), no steps (over 5 million), no energy.  Everything is gone, 2 years just wiped out.  My ticket is now 9 days old and still processing.  I even sent them a picture of what my dashboard looked like before everything disappeared.  No response!!!!


It happened again today.  About 25% of my island wiped out.  it was finally full with all level 4 plants and buildings, now there's just big empty holes.  I heard from customer service on July 30.  They asked me to change my password so that they could look at it.  I responded that my account was linked to facebook and I didn't think it would be a good idea to change the password without further instructions, but of course, I haven't heard back from them.  I'm so bummed.  I'm just going to have to stop playing myland.  It took away my very first grandfather tree which had been with me since the beginning.  I can't believe how very sad I am.  Seven months of work just gone.

I am now experiencing this absurd issue, too!  My islands are changing radically all by themselves.  If I try to sell what I think is an "extra" bougainvillea, I'm actually selling a level 4 Acropolis of Heroes for the bougainvillea price!


There are bougainvilleas stuffed behind other items and can only be seen if you tap the upgrade button to see all of the arrows. 


I'm getting so sick of all the issues this app is experiencing.  They are numerous and it's so frustrating that Striiv is doing NOTHING about ANYTHING!


There are people out there who will say, "it's only a game."  Well, it is far more than that!  There miles of feet to ground walking and this "game" reflects those efforts!  It's just not right that so much is going wrong.  I would leave if I weren't so invested.  I am VERY invested!


I tried to attach pictures, but it wouldn't work for me.  Go figure...

I entered a ticket regarding this issue yesterday. Much to my amazement, I received a reply last night. They instructed me to sign off of the application, delete the application, reboot my iPhone 5, and then reinstall the latest version of the application. I had already done all of these things, but I did them again just to be sure. It did not work.


I wrote them back and told them, and they replied yet again in the same night (amazing) stating that all issues, including this one, had been forwarded to the programmers for resolution. They said they are offering 5000 gems to everyone with this issue. They did not tell me how to get them or if they would add them automatically, so I wrote back to them yet again. I have not received a response to that one yet.

My islands are changing almost daily now.  I had all of my bougainvilleas upgraded to level 4 on all three islands.  Then I sold all of them on Lemur and Turtle Islands and replaced them with level 4 Morning Bluebells.  Well, now about 75% of my Bluebells are level 4 Zebra plants!  I have things stuffed in placed they don't fit and behind things where they can't be seen.  My islands are WRECKED and I hate it.


I am so frustrated by this whole mess, I'm losing interest.  That's NOT a good thing.  My plan is to locate a place where I can let the world know what's going on with this app/company and let the buyer beware...even the non-buyers! 



I found the place to be heard!  Type in and you get David Wang's Facebook page!  He is the Striiv CEO.  Go there and send him a message!  Let him know how dissatisfied you are with all that is going on with this app!!


Of course, now he'll probably shut down his FB page...

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