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repairs or replacement touch screen?

I submitted a ticket a while ago, but never got a response. I thought I would ask the forums if anybody has had any success getting repairs made or getting a replacement touch screen. Mine cracked from bumping my phone in my pocket, and now won't accept any input. The display screen is intact and undamaged, but the overlaid touchscreen is broken. Does anybody know if striiv can offer help? I really enjoyed the pedometer and I don't want to have to throw it away

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As an fyi to anybody else, striiv got back to me after a couple weeks and told me that their warranty would not cover the damage. I had never mentioned or expected this, I would be happy to pay for repairs. They did offer a meager 20% off a new pedometer, which does mean that due to a minor part being broken, I have a $100 paperweight and have the option of paying them another $80. Be aware, service is slow and not very helpful.
But all Striiv stuff through amazon. Trust me. Never buy from the company itself. Or go to a Best Buy and buy one. That way you have some recourse.
Buy, not but!!

Don't forget eBay.  They have great deals on anything you could possibly want!  I also use Amazon.  I always compare the two, though, when making a purchase.  It pays to shop!!

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