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Define a "Harvest"

I would love to know exactly what constitutes a "harvest."  If I'm not using the "collect all," how does Striiv determine when I've made a collection to award according to the special creatures I've purchased?  I know that the one that gives you 25% applies to each and every coin collected.  Is that how they all work?  For instance, I purchased an Albino Lemur, which should give me an extra 100 coins per "harvest."  Is that an additional 100 coins per coin collected?  I do know that all of the special creatures "stack" rewards, but I just want to know exactly what Striiv considers a "harvest" to be.


If anyone knows, please tell me...thanks!

In theory, the bonus is applied every time you tap on the coins available bubble on a MyLand Plant or Building. it does not from my experience apply to the coins you get for your friends walking, or the bonuses awarded for completing quests.

You should see your bonuses applied in () after the base amounts collected.

I am not sure if all the special creatures are stacking properly.... I went to Myland with a lot of harvests ready. I clicked one of them, and I get the option to use a "Collect-All" to get  about 28.6. I said no, bought another Black Dragon (I already have several, they are supposed to give 25% more coins per harvest), and then did another collect-all, and the amount I was going to get from Collect-All was the same.   However, buying another Albino Dragon (5000 extra per harvest) did increase collection to 29.9M. Buying another Albino Dragon increased collection 31.4M. Buying a blue dragon (+15%) only increased to 31.6M. Bought a red fairy,   31.7M for collect-all.... 


I know that my harvests are inaccurate because the majority of my level 4 plants and buildings have been replaced by level 1 lower income plants and buildings.  I wondered, though, before my islands exploded, whether or not the rewards were being applied correctly.  Now that my islands are all messed up, I don't even know if all of my creatures are still there either.  I have purchased six black dragons, a couple of albino lemurs, some fairies, etc.  There's really no way to count them accurately that I can tell.  They seem to wonder wherever they want and from island to least the dragons seem to.


If you have done this calculation, then I believe you.  Striiv needs to fix so much.


I found the place to be heard!  Type in and you get David Wang's Facebook page!  He is the Striiv CEO.  Go there and send him a message!  Let him know how dissatisfied you are with all that is going on with this app!!

I purchased two Albino Lemurs and one Blue Fairy. It took me a LONG time to save the gems for these buys. Now, I'm finding that they never pay off. Am I missing something? I've harvested coins multiple times since the purchase. I have yet to see any additional coins or gems added by these creatures. I've tried tapping on them. That doesn't work. I've tried holding down a finger on them. That doesn't work. I've tried just harvesting coins from My Land and Emerald Island. That doesn't work. Any ideas? I'm using the most recent version of My Land and a striiv play. TIA

Hi Rachel,


I completely understand your frustration.  There are many issues with this app.  The way these critters work is the coins being collected appear in parentheses next to the number of "normal" coins being collected for each coin.  It happens fast, so you have to really look closely.  They are "stacked" so the number you see should be all inclusive of the rewards you are collecting on.


I hope this helps.  If you don't see the numbers inside the parentheses, then submit a problem ticket and tell them about the issue.  At least that way they know the problem exists.


Let me also say that I use the app for the iPhone 5, so there are differences, but I don't believe this would be one of them.

Thanks for your response Debbie. Guess this is a bug in the program for me. I use it on my 4S and also on my iPad mini along with the Striiv Play. Now that you pointed out the parenthesis, I notice that I am getting extra coins, but the gems from the two Albino Lemurs or from the DarkBlue Fairy never register. So there are no extra gems earned. :-( 

Have let them know about my experience with the gems. Thinking they may fix this in the next bug fix. Guessing that all their work is going into the Android Application now so it may take a while for them to address these issues in the iPhone. Until then, I won't purchase any more creatures. For those reading this, you may want to be cautious about buying the creatures. The collection seems to work for some people and not others. If I were doing it again, I'd just buy one creature and see if the program would accept the purchase as a test scenario. 

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