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New version 1.4.61

A new version has been posted as 1.4.61.

The wonderful description of changes is "Misc bug fixes"

Anyone see anything more informative and working?

I did notice a Debug 2 option that I cannot turn on has been added to the settings.

I noticed they increased the number of gems required for Specials - e.g., a Black Dragon now requires 30K gems instead of 20K. Also, the time increment for Money Grove doubled from 1hr 30 min to 3 hours, making the rate of return more consistent with other items. There still seems to be a glitch with Energy points for completed Challenges shown in Trophy screen, which sometimes appear to triple after app closes and is reopened, but that does not affect the real/correct points shown in MyLand and Totals screens. Overall, considering all they added with the last update, I'm still impressed, and looking forward to future enhancements.

looks like we had an emergency fix to 1.4.62 .

I was personally stuck for 20 minutes at the you must upgrade without a new version available on the AppStore.

same lame description of misc bug fixes.

I had that too.  I solved by deleting the app from my phone and reinstalling the app and the update.  It didn't get stuck after that.

I tried that once.  One thing to be aware of is if you are using this method and you have used the feedback, you will lose your feedback to striiv.

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