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Linking Smart Pedometer and Iphone App?

I know that the Play and the Iphone app can link together, so that the information will transfer back and forth. Is there the same option with the Smart pedometer? I can't find a way on the Iphone app.. Thank you!

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I'm interested in a similar feature. I would love to see the ability for the Smart pedometer to connect to partnering services (once you sync the data into dashboard). It's highly disappointing to spend the money on the stand alone unit to then have it not connect with the various fitness services out there that connect to Striiv. I could have saved my money and bought the Play and had it do what I want.

I agree this would be a great feature but the Striiv Smart Pedometer has no way to directly communicate with the iOS device.

I mean once you sync via the computer you can access the dashboard from Safari, but that's not such a big win.

Striiv could do a lot better.  Walkathons for example could be shared between the devices and friends lists.

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