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New User - I can't find answers

I just bought the Striiv Play and have searched quite a bit for some sort of instruction manual, but can't seem to find one. I have several questions: 1. Will the play not count my steps activity if I am not near my iPod/phone/pad? I can't seem to get it to count any steps. 2. How do you weigh in? It tells me I will get a reward if I weigh in, but I apparently don't know how to do this. I hit the button Change next to my weight after I entered it in, but nothing happens.

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Yes, the play will continue to count steps if you are away from your iPhone. However, you will need to be close to the iPhone to sync your steps with the app to earn energy points, complete challenges, etc. As for the weight, you need to first set up your profile in settings. Then go to the home menu and click on the scale (you may need to scroll to the right). Press the plus or minus buttons to adjust your weight, then press enter.

Device does not count when I am on an elliptical.

Hi Atirsnibbor -- any kind of smooth movement, especially when your hands are on any kind of handle or railing -- will likely not give you an accurate step count. If you're on an elliptical machine, try putting the device in your pocket or attach it to a belt loop. 

I downloaded the new update. now my device has a smaller display, and is not as bright?

Hi Fred, have a look at the following article:

While the latest update dimmed the screen slightly, it should not have made it smaller. If you believe it did, send us a photo of your screen showing time to and we'll take a closer look. 

My heart rate is not tracking. All others are except this?

Hi Casey, take a look at the following article:

That should help clear up any questions about how to use the heart rate monitor. 

I just got a striiv fusion bio and in order to get a reasonable stride length I have to set my height to 2 feet tall in order to get astride length of about 12-14 inches. Why is this such a problem and perhaps Striiv should fix that part of the programming.

Hi Jam, there is a workaround which will allow you to set stride length below 2 feet without changing height. Reference the following article for the step by step process:

That same procedure applies for the Band, Touch and all other Fusion models. 

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