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Striiv counting steps while driving.

I was very disappointed that my striiv logs thousands of extra steps when driving. I had read this from the site: 

Striiv’s Trumotion™ technology accurately detects when you are walking or taking the stairs. No more false steps in the car or during a flight.


but it seems to be false advertising. Don't get me wrong its way better than every other pedometer I have ever owned but now I have to remember to turn it off/on every time I get in the car. As a technical guy I do not see any easy way around this problem, as it plagues all pedometers but here is perhaps an easy cheap fix. How about in a future software update you give the user a "pause monitoring" set of buttons. If I just had a simple "Pause for 15 minutes" and "Pause for 30 minutes" I could press it and then forget about having to remember to turn it back on. As it is I have to turn it off (takes 10 seconds) and then I have to remember to turn it back on when I leave the car. 

As it is, it saps out all the enthusiasm for the rewards when I get home with an extra 4,000 steps and tons of trophies to show for it, but it makes me feel like a dirty cheater, and it actually impacts my desire to use it in general. how can I feel proud of my efforts if I cant even know for sure what my efforts are? 

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I have found that if you leave it in sleep mode during the ride it won't count road bumps as steps. When I first got my Striiv I was comparing it the fitbit at the same time and I looked at the screens frequently. Both of them counted bumps during a drive, so this problem is not unique, but the fitbit was far worse. I contacted the Striiv 800# and the representative advised me to leave it asleep while driving and it would behave. This advice worked on my device. I think if you are having this trouble in the sleep mode, you should do a "reset" on it. ( you won't loose your data). The instructions are elsewhwere on the help page. IF that doesn't resolve the problem, then put a claim in under the warranty. I love my Striiv. It has been on me at all times since I got it. Over the last 2 years I have also bought a total of 10 to give as gifts to varous loved ones. We all enjoy them tremendously! The challenges are great and the walkathon donations are wonderful.  IGood Luck!

How do you put it in sleep mode?

Sleep mode is the mode in which the screen goes black and you have to tap the "lock" symbol to awaken it again. I have found that if I keave it in that "sleep" mode, it does not count steps.  If i keep waking it along a drive  to see if its counts steps, then it does count step.  If you test t out and it is still counting teps in the sleep mode, then make a warranty claim. Call the 800 number


 Good luck! Let me know hwo it works out for you.

I'm still confused. You are talking about the pedometer being in sleep mode, correct? When the pedometer screen goes black it is still counting steps. I don't have a lock symbol. When I press the screen, it lights up and shows me the data.

Leaving it in sleep mode does not stop the Striiv from counting steps. Remember the Striiv counts steps in sleep mode. Once it reaches its limit, the band automatically switches out of sleep mode.
It counts steps in sleep mode when you are walking. Mine does not count in sleep mode when I am driving. I have had my Striiv since 2012 and it does not count steps while Im driving. I tested it a number of times when it was new. If I wake it up in the car, then it counts. Walking and driving are two different types of movement.
Striiv site states "Did you forget to turn sleep mode off? Well that’s silly. But understandable. That’s why we programmed our device to automatically exit sleep mode once you walk more than 200 steps." Not to be a smart a**, but no duh walking and driving are two different motions (that is the problem). I too have tested it and know for a fact that putting it in sleep mode does not stop it from counting steps because more than once I have put band on sleep mode only for it to put itself out of sleep mode before I reach my destination. Even if not in sleep mode it should not count steps while driving...period. Comparing something you bought in 2012 compared to what I bought in 2014 is moot!
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