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Can't Install Mac Application

I just bought the Striiv Smart Pedometer today but I can't get the application to download on my mac. It times out and brings me to a page that says "Cannot connect to host." 

Any suggestions?

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Need to pairing my new striiv touch with MAC Macbook

Just bought two new Striiv Fusions and can't get app downloaded from ITunes and the Apple App Store.  Get the message that App is not in stock anymore when I try to download the iPhone app. I have both an iPhone 5 and an iMac.  Would like app for both.  Help!

Purchased a Striiv touch, need help installing on MacPro.  I was able to add device to application, however, unable to "sync" device with computer or add app to screen to enter data.  Please advise.


To much trouble to insatll and ask question. Will return my band for another brand, Thanks.

Will be returning my Striiv Band. Have not been able to program the download or get any assisting in downloading question!

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