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Touch availability

It seems like some of you have it already, but I can't find it anywhere. Even if I assume it's not available yet there's no info on the release date. I'm confused. Any help is much appreciated :-)

The Touch is trickling in to some Best Buy stores. I was lucky enough to find one Sunday (June 9), but check their website first for local availability, to save a trip if they don't have any in stock yet. If not in stock locally, you can order online for in-store pick-up. The Touch is pretty cool - a nice, sleek size, and having call alerts and other notifications easily readable on the wrist is a great feature.

I purchased mine at best buy today. The associate told me it was released 6/8 to their stores.

Got my Touch at Best Buy yesterday in Green Bay, WI. If you are running Android, please take time to read the extensive feedback on the combination of Android and Touch; definitely not ready for prime time! Horribly disappointed.

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