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Striiv Touch - Vibrating Alarm

Does anyone know where to find the vibrating alarm on the Striiv Touch?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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You get a vibration whenever you get a notification relayed from your phone; for example, a call alert or a meeting reminder (or any specifically timed calendar event). There does not (currently) appear to be a separate alarm app native to the Touch itself; however you can easily create a vibration causing "alarm" by creating an event on your phone's calendar at the desired time. If you also include, for example, a 15 minute reminder on the calendar event, you will get the vibration alarm (and text description of the event) at the designated reminder time. A word of caution, though, it seems like calendar events only appear once and can't be redisplayed from the Notifications icon, whereas call alerts can be redisplayed (but only once) from the Notifications icon, if you didn't happen to catch it and scroll through it when it first appears/vibrates (for example, if it occurs while you are driving). It would be nicer if there was a little more "memory" of prior Notifications.

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Also, check your device settings under "Pair Device" in the App menu. You need to make sure the items you want Notifications for are switched to On (slide switches to right until they turn green, on Apple devices). For some reason, these seem to default back to Off every time the Pair Device menu is reopened.
My question is more in regards to the marketed "Silent vibrating alarm" under the sleep information, implying that it could act as a silent alarm to wake you up, not for the notifications, but I do appreciate the feedback! I wish that striiv would monitor these community boards and give feedback as well. Do either of you see what I'm looking for? Also, when I started everything it said something about June 14...are there updates coming that will give more functionality?
To get a "silent vibrating alarm," simply add an entry to your calendar for the desired time, and enter at least one character in the location field. For example, if you'd like a silent vibrating alarm at 7:00 AM the next day, add any phrase you'd like on your next day's calendar for that time (e.g., "Wake Up") and at least one character in the Location box (e.g., "!"; this is just to fool the app into thinking it is a meeting, so you will get a notification, which always includes a silent vibrating alarm), and then set the recurrence (or repeat) and reminders as desired (if you set the reminder for anything other than "None" the alarm will occur at the reminder time, not the event time). Several other "future" apps, e.g., Weather and Lost Phone Alert, are supposedly "coming this summer" according to the retail packaging, and numerous other future apps are suggested by icons in their promo video, e.g, something perhaps for e-mail and music control (just guessing from the icons), but as with any company's proposed future upgrades, don't count too heavily on upgrades before they've hatched.

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That last post should have said ...if you set the reminder (Alert) for anything other than "At the time of event", the alarm will occur at the selected advance reminder time (if you set the Alert to "None" as I mistakenly said earlier, then obviously there will be no alert or vibrating alarm). Also, an entry in the Location field does not appear to be necessary - sorry if that caused any confusion.
I posted on their Facebook profile about the lack of vibrating alarms and within a few minutes a fellow strive touch user responded that the "next update" will have it for sure.
Hi there! Just got my Striiv yesterday and I'm an iOS user. I'm having trouble getting it to alert when meetings on the calendar go off (as a temporary solution until the silent alarm starts working). I added the meeting to my home calendar with a name, tried it with and without a location, entered the time and set it to notify at time of event. It's going off on the phone but not the Striiv. Any suggestions? Thanks!
First (for iOS), check if your phone (or other paired device) has been set to allow notifications from your calendar to be displayed to your phone's Notifications screen, and to allow notifications from your Striiv. And, if you have paired another Bluetooth device to also receive Notifications, you may have choose only one (e.g., the Touch). Then, check your device settings in the Striiv App under the "Pair Device" option in the App menu. If all desired notifications are set to On (green showing on left side of switch for iOS) and the device is shown as Connected, then there may have been a prior issue with your Bluetooth connection. You will not receive notifications while you are outside of Bluetooth range, and although the Touch usually automatically reconnects after coming back within range (or prompts you to reconnect by tap/hold your Touch display), you will (currently) not get missed notifications from when you were outside Bluetooth range, and it's not always clear if the sync for Notifications also gets successfully re-established. You can test it by putting a simple item on your Calendar (e.g. "Test") and schedule it within the next few minutes, or whenever convenient. If you get that Notification, then all is well. If you don't get the Test notification on your Touch, try turning Bluetooth on and off on your phone, and then try another Test. If that notification doesn't work, you may need to power down your phone and restart it. Those worked for me (on an iOS device) Sometimes, you might also receive a prior notification when it successfully re-establishes the Bluetooth connection (and it may also sync some prior Sleep data, if previously missed). The main thing is to become aware of your Bluetooth connection range (it can vary depending on your environment - e.g., walls and other electronic interference), and be aware that you won't receive Notifications whenever you are beyond that range (or sometimes, if the Bluetooth connection has been corrupted). Striiv has mentioned that they will be adding a "Lost phone" app to the Touch, which (I'm guessing here) perhaps may include giving you some kind of indication when you get outside of Bluetooth range.

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Hey yeah so just got my watch. Saw what you guys have said so I've been fooling with the calender and setting alarms through it but the vibrate notification I get from this is only about a half second long....not nearly long enough to wake me up. Any help on how to make it longer or something? I have a samsung

Oh no - one of the main benefits for me was having a silent vibrating alarm that would wake me up but not my partner!

This thread suggests this is not possible, however the advertising does suggest it has this capability now.

The notification only buzzes once so that's not enough to wake a mouse.

Can you let me know when the proper alarm function will be available please.


Same here - I was really wanting the alarm feature! Why does the packaging say it's already available??

I think it's rubbish marketing and very misleading.

I heard NOTHING from Striiv support or customer service.

However, Best Buy were great they recommended a Fitbit Flex and swapped it straight out

- No watch display but the vibrating alarms are fantastic!!

I've been using the flex for couple of weeks now - and it does a great job - easy synching with my iPhone - and it even scans food barcodes !

I guess I need a clarification, as I can't seem to find an answer, please.  Just got the Striiv, and don't see a calendar icon on it.  Trying to interpret from the above comments, I think it means that you should set appointments in your phone calendar?  I have the notifications on in the app, but don't know where on the iPhone you allow calendar notifications to the Striiv from the phone as is mentioned above.  I can get call and text notifications, so I assume it is on.  Still don't know about the calendar.  Is there one on the Striiv?  Or just on the phone, and it is supposed to vibrate when there is a calendar appointment?  When I set a test appointment on my phone's calendar, it doesn't notify the Striiv.

Im on ios 8 iphone 6. I only get notifications from Facebook, text messages and phone calls. The settings to turn on meeting and app notifications are grayed out. I don't receive calendar notifications or many other app notifications. How do I fix this? im using the wallgreens band. Thanks
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