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(PROBLEM) software update

I have tried multiple times to download the software update. I have waited the 10 min. I made sure it was in the charging case. I made sure it stayed next to the phone. I made sure the phone was awake one time by keeping the screen awake ( for 10min). Is this going to be fixed. I cant as of now get texts or incoming calls shown on the striiv touch. Am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately, I don't. Once I did the factory reset and let it update, it was working fine… But I would try filling out a "Ticket" rather than just posting to the forum in order to get a response. Once I did that, they seemed to respond within a couple hours...

Same issue with my Touch.  I have attempted the reset, no luck! I think it is time to start leaving negative comments about this so others will stay away when considering to purchase.  Should have bought a Fitbit at this point!

I have same problem where firmware won't update straight out of the box  From what I'm reading here, I should run straight back to best buy and return it.  So sad.

Return is not even an option for me.  I bought from TigerDirect and they say everything has to go through Striiv.  I believe Tiger was dumping them and washing their hands!


I have been trying all day to update and it won't do it. I also can't get meeting notifications. Any solutions ?

same problem.  Did you find a solution?

same here...looking at fit bit myself.  I can't believe there is no way to show how this product truly works

I am having the same problem.

Thanks Molly. Great Help 4 my

Mine will not stay connected to up-date.  done factory reset several times.....My wife said I should have bought a FitBit, they work well!  

How do you know what the latest version that's out for the touch. I've not seen mines even attempt to update. My version is 1.129

Striiv certainly has a lot of opportunity with this issue. I also am frustrated with the non responsive update.

Hi All - so... the latest app updates should make it so you don't see this issue any more. Make sure that your app is up to date from the App Store or Google Play, and then try to update again. If you STILL can't, on your device, go to Apps > Settings (the gear icon) > Factory Reset, and you should be able to update immediately!

 Even after the app updates, when you see "Connecting..." this can (in some cases) take up to 45 minutes, if it's been a REALLY long time since the last time you synced your device. 

Update constantly fails and starts over. New device out of the box!
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