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Step counter resets to "0" when syncing to computer

Hi, this is the first time it happened to me. I got thousand steps on my Striiv Smart pedometer. When I plug in my Striiv Smart to my computer and sync it to my profile, it shows everything "0" on my profile. And, when I look at my Striiv Smart pedometer, it show everything "0" also after syncing to my profile. So, I don't know what's wrong with it. Anybody got a same problem?

I've not specifically been able to reproduce this on my Striiv Smart.  But I do know if it's the first time or the first time after a long time of the battery dead the device will get it's time reset adn this tends to clear all counters.

This happened to me on my Smart Pedometer about a month ago, but only once. The battery was fine, so that wasn't the issue. Yeah, not fun to lose the morning's steps, but I usually sync before 11 a.m., so it wasn't too bad. But now I'm careful not to wait until afternoon to sync, just in case!

I'm just hoping the Smart Pedometer doesn't get orphaned by Striiv. I really love it and have been moving a LOT more since I got it. I'm nervous about when I max out everything on the MyLand game--I can see that day coming, and if Striiv never updates the game, it would be sad to just have to reset and start all over again to keep playing.  I also have some suggestions, like making the hard challenges always have a bigger reward than easy challenges--please! And more creatures that can ONLY be acquired though completing challenges. Great motivation!


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