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Many Issues with Striiv Touch


My name is Ben, a recent purchaser of your new Striiv Touch.  I will start off by saying that the device that you have created/imagined is everything a fitness tracker should be.  With that being said, most of the items that you market this device being able to do, does not actually work. I will list out the Issues that I am having.

1. The Bluetooth Does Not Stay connected and it does not reconnect. This is a pretty big flaw on a device that uses the cellular device as its source for almost all its information. The clock often is not correct on the watch function as a result.

2. The Steps counter sometimes sticks, and does not track steps that have been made.  For instance. I walked 3 miles, but the step counter reads 1000 steps.  This is a huge flaw for a fitness tracker.  I am not sure if the tracker get stuck, or if it is a design flaw.

3. WHERE IS THE PROMISED & MARKETED SILENT ALARM.  I mean this is a huge selling point for this device.  Said to have one, but yet it lacks.

4.  Must open app right before bed for the final daily step count to be sent to the app and stored in its history.  Sometimes I am so busy i dont open the app  through out the day, and then the next morning it says i walked thousands of steps less than the band read the night before.  Another inconvenient flaw.

5. Website claims that it will last 4 days per charge but mine lasts about 1-2 days max.  This is a huge pain because I am not sure that the battery meter program actually works properly.

  I work in the Health and Wellness industry. and part of my job is selling companies on items and gadgets just like this one.  This could be a huge huge huge seller for your company (and mine).  Please make these fixes, and fast.

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Hi Striiv

Ben is spot on with these issues.  I have many similar issues.  Compatibility with Android is horrible.  When I pair with my iPad it seems to perform well.  I bought the Touch to pair with my Android Phone since that is always with me and I would like to enjoy the notifications/calendar/text features.  Is anybody working on the Android application?  

The Touch was not advertised as a Beta Device, but that is what it feels like.  Respond to some of us early adapters so we can give you feedback.  I am about to hit my 14 day return window with Best Buy, but I would like to keep the device since I think you are on the right track with a small fitness/notification device.

I have to agree with the above. I would really like to see better battery life, at the very least what you claim. I am seeing 2 possibly 2 and a half days life. Also, as responded to from a previous ticket the band extensions for bigger wrists and ability to buy another charging cradle. Thanks

Can you believe?

I bought my striiv touch yesterday, and now the display is not working !!!!

I got my Striiv Touch yesterday afternoon, and today the battery is 60% after being fully charged when I received it.  This is ridiculous, especially considering I had almost no steps.

I carefully read the instructions about activating the sleep mode, and feel I did it correctly, but it recorded no sleep for me.

I had the LG Lifeband which, although did not have sleep monitoring, DID have a way to adjust the amount of time the display stays illuminated.  Having to go deep into the menus to even get to the sleep mode, then push the check before the screen goes off, can be a challenge in bed.  I had to scroll through the menus again to catch it right.

It only notifies me of certain emails, not all.

It appears THERE IS NO ACTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE ANYWHERE FOR THIS PRODUCT!  That is a real negative when a company seems to have a buggy product and totally depends on its users to help others.  

This unit may go back soon.

Anyone has any idea how to scroll through the screen. VERY difficult. Seems as if the screen is not sensitive enough,

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