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Striiv Touch Step and Calorie Counts (Problems)

I just got this thing yesterday, I was excited about its release but debated on purchasing it. Of course my insatiable curiosity won...much to my (now) disappointment.

I am sitting at my desk at work, yet my step count has risen over 1,000 over the last half hour. Apparently my keystrokes count as steps...lame.

Secondly, maybe I'm wrong with this, but the claim of 24/7 activity tracking left me to assume that it monitored all calories expended in a day (similar to competitor technology), but clearly not after I noticed I only burned 1 calorie over the course of several hours (now up to a whopping 55!) Meanwhile the competitor device I'm using the Touch alongside reads significantly different.

To say that the last 24 hours with this device has been disappointing would be quite the understatement. I appreciate the marketing, but the actual product does live up to it. 

If your competitor is the fitbit I believe the calories it counts include your Resting Medabolic Rate calculations.  The Striiv takes more of an uplift tack to measure the increased caloric burn from activity, to encourage you to do more of that activity.


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