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Android app Issues

Using the Striiv app on my iPad works well.  I carry an Android phone (Galaxy S4 android 4.4.2) so I have been using that app for about a week now.  Here are some of the issues I have encountered:

1. Biggest issue is the app kills the battery.  By going into the phone settings and viewing Battery statistics it can drain a 100% charged battery to 20% in about 3 hours.

2. All the help page links are dead and don't open up.

3. Phone alerts seem to work well, Text alerts are spotty and if they come through are delayed, calendar reminders do not appear.

4. Challenges crash every time

5. Silent Alarm & Do not disturb default back to off when you try to use them

The touch really has a lot of potential.  I wonder if other Android users are seeing the battery drain, this is the one item that is making me consider returning the product.  I have been force closing the app on my phone to save my battery, but obviously I don't get any notifications.  It still gives me data on steps/distance/etc.. and I sync it a couple times during the day to load that fitness data to the app.

I've had my Striiv Band for 2 weeks.  Week 1, was just me and everything worked great.

Week 2 I added some friends to exercise with.  Since then, My Nexus 5 battery drains in less than 6 hours.  When I go to bed, I put the app in Sleep mode, but within 6 hours, my phone wakes me up with a low battery noise. The only thing I can think of, it's polling for the friends updates and eating up battery cycles.

My fusion touch won't fully sync with my android. It will only go as far as 56% and when I turn my phone off it disconnects.I've tried everything in the trouble syncing and watched the video. Nothing works.


App not supporting

Hi Johanna, we suggest you try the following: 

  • Open the app and select the Fusion tile on the app home screen, then scroll down to select de-register device - follow the prompts to do so. 
  • Restart your phone.
  • Finally, open the Striiv app and re-pair the Fusion. 
This will reset the connection. If you continue to have connectivity issues, email us at for further assistance. 

I have had my Striiv Fusion for about a week now.  My phone is an LG Volt running android. I have also been experiencing my band disconnecting from my phone randomly.  Getting texts from my phone seems to be hit or miss. I could be wrong about this, but it seems that the texts get passed pretty consistently when the striiv app was the last thing I was using on my phone, but if I browse the web or use a different app that's when it seems to get hit or miss on the texts.  My theory is that my phone closes the app or something when the striiv app gets put into the background.  I haven't seen a significant drain on battery life, and so far I seem to have gotten my meeting notifications regularly.  There is a "More" link in the app that has a red 1 on it that seems to indicate that there is 1 more app I could view, however the more link is grayed out and a pop up says to contact customer support to enable this feature...

I like the look and feel of my Striiv Fusion and I think it has the potential to be a great fitness tracker/smartwatch, however it still needs work.  I would like to see the kinks ironed out in the android app, and I would really love to have the ability to send a quick reply to a text from my wrist.  Something like 'yes', 'no', 'I'll call you soon', etc.   Right now I find myself reading a text on my wrist then having to pull out my phone to send a reply, which to me seems to kind of defeat the purpose of getting texts on your wrist.  As far as I can tell no other tracker/smartwatch has a quick reply ability so it would put Striiv ahead of the pack in that area if they could figure out how to implement that.   

Customer service seems understaffed which leaves us consumers feeling like Striiv doesn't care about our questions and issues.   I would recommend that Strive should hire more full time customer service reps.

I have a technical background I would love to be involved in making the Striiv fitness trackers better products and if there is any way I could be part of a android app beta testing group or new product testing please let me know.

Using Samsung Galaxy S-3.  Touch works well for alerts etc.  Terrible drain on battery life! 

Terrible drain on battery life! Terrible drain on battery life! Terrible drain on battery life!

Takes phone down in a couple of hours.  Had to quit using it as it would even cause my phone to heat up till it was very hot to the touch.  Have logged issue with Striiv.  No solution yet.  If you have an Android platform I do not recommend you purchase this device. 

Been using mine for a month now.  Not seeing any significant battery drain on my LG G3 at all.  Spotty Bluetooth connections: yes, but no battery issues.

my band disconnects continually.  I have to unpaid then pair again.  This happens every 2 days or so.

I do   not have the version of Android that I need will my phone still work

I'll keep on top of my LG G3 to see if I see any battery drain.  Will keep you posted.  Also seeing very spotty notifications.

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