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Touch Battery Life

Is anyone else having issues with battery life?  This is what I just sent in to Striiv customer support 

My touch battery is dying extremely quick.  I fully charged it to 100% this morning.  Its only 4.5 hours later and the band is at 48% at this rate it will not last 1 day.  Do I need to return this band because that much battery use in 4 hours is unacceptable 

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I too am having recharge the battery. I have only had mine for two weeks and here are some the problems: battery life; notification is not working; twice now it has lost time - once last week some 19 minutes and today 7 minutes; and today it didn't log the steps that I took. I did the treadmill for 3/4 of a mile and it is only showing 65 steps. I like the unit and idea of it, would just like it to work correctly. I have put in a ticket and I am waiting for a response.
I to am having that problem my battery lasted 2 days when it clearly says one week on the packaging I do not have the box it cam in any longer but still have my reciept wondering the same thing myself return and get another device?


I have had mine for a few months, but all of a sudden it is randomly not tracking my steps and the battery is losing it's charge very quickly.  Has anyone had a solution?

My tracker just won't keep a charge at this point.  I start the day with 100%, and need to recharge it twice a day now.  On top of that the swipe is now sluggish and jumps from one item to the other - especially when looking at the apps.

Well I opened a ticket about my issues.  I got a quick response.  I was told to do a factory reset.  After doing the factory reset not only did the sluggishness stop, but the battery life is the best it has ever been.

My device is no longer holding a charge for more than a few hours as of a few weeks ago. Did a factory reset - to no avail. Device wont hold a charge for more than half a day. Previously I'd get at least 5-7 days out of the device before I had to recharge it.  Submitted a ticket - we'll see how it goes.

I am having the same issue. Been using my device since 1 Feb 2015. No issues until a few days ago. Battery was 0% for first time 2 days ago. Charged device to 100%. Last night, device would not on despite double tapping numerous times. Hubby asked if it was battery. Didn't think so since normally device would last 5-6 days after full recharge. When we got home, charged device and it was indeed 0%. This morning, app was still sluggish. Did factory reset. After reset, battery now at 84% (eventhough it was less than 1 hour after removing from charger).
Same story, no problem charging but drains within 1-2 hours. Also did the factory reset as instructed but did not help. Initial response instructed reset but now waiting for additional instructions when that did not work. Wonder why responses from customer service take so long?
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