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Change date/time format from US to UK

 I've got a Touch and the doesn't appear to be any way to switch the date/time format from US to Uk (or European) fromat.  Currently it shows 12hr clock and date in the MM/DD format and I'd like it to show 24hr clock and DD/MM format.

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Hi David, 

My apologies for the late reply to your inquiry. We are working on taking control of the forum and answering outstanding questions and concerns. I will add your feature requests to our log to be reviewed by our engineers. We have seen requests for the 24 hour format from other users. Thanks for sharing your feedback! 



Striiv Customercare

Seconded, I just made a ticket before, then checked here


24h and DD/MM format would be awesome.

Hi Dmitry, 

Your interest in these features has been noted on our feature request log. Thanks for your feedback!



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