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Why are there no topics in the planned section????

How about an actual sleep alarm notification? Or control of the phones music player? Or ability to edit your data, for example when I forget to turn off my sleep function? Or ability to define "me" such as stride length? There are many many things you could have in this section!

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Just look at the amount of SPAM in the forums and you can observe how much value Striiv puts into their forums.  Occasionally I've opened support tickets about the spam sometimes they actually do something about it.


My apologies for the late reply to your inquiries. We are working on taking control of the forum and answering outstanding questions and concerns. Silent alarm is a feature we will be releasing very soon for Touch and Fusion users! Music control is being developed at the moment, and it is our top priority to release this feature ASAP. Data editing abilities is part of our feature request log and a very useful suggestion by the way. Stride length is available for iOS users at the moment, with this functionality coming to the Android platform soon. Thank you for writing in to voice your suggestions! 



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