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Windows Sync Application Not Working

 I purchased a new Stiiv Smart Pedometer (lost my first one) and downloaded the Windows Sync Application.  My computer is running Windows 7

The application is installed, but it never syncs. Application opens and pedometer connects briefly - then reverts back to "Please connect your Striiv device" screen. The Dashboard never appears.

I have opened two customer service tickets but have not received any response. The silence is deafening.

Can someone help - any advice (even if its just give up and forget ever syncing or hearing back from customer service) will be helpful

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Having the same problem, except that mine worked and suddenly stopped working about a week ago. Software 'upgrade' that someone forgot to tell us about?  

I'm not sure if this will help, but I had the same problem and then I connected the usb cable to the usb port on the back of the computer instead of the front. My Striiv synced! They also said that the firewall may be stopping it from getting through and syncing with the Striiv site. This is the first time it synced for me.


I've had my Smart Pedometer for almost two years and up until two months ago I had no problems syncing it. I now have the same 'Please connect' issue that Alicia has. I'm very disappointed that I can no longer sync it. (I have 15 days of water waiting to be donated.)

Mary Ellen, this is the link that Striiv posted to my comment on their facebook page. I hope this helps. I also plugged my striiv into the usb port on the back of my computer. This is what caused mine to start syncing. Mine is new, though. Good luck. I hope you get it working!


Found a solution, if you are using IE, not sure how to do same in other browsers.  Go to Internet Tools from your browser, then Advanced Tab.  Click on both Restore Advanced Setting and Reset buttons.  There must have been a Microsoft Update that messed with these settings and caused the Sync not to work.  Or so my IT people tell me.  

Thank you for posting this solution!


Thank ou for posting the solution - it works great now!
I, too, thank you, manisteemo. That I.E. reset did the trick.
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