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i can't figure out where to go to add the ability to control my music from my walgreens activity tracker.

Me too. I cant find it

Well, it's not possible at all (yet?) - at least I think.

I'd propose to go and create support ticket with a proposition to create this feature if you want it...

I received a firmware update last week on my Walgreens Activity Tracker (hardware version-2:31; software version-1.277) that added a music note under "Apps". I'm on an iPhone. Anyone know what iPhone app or whatever the music note controls. It seems you can Play, Pause, and go to the next track or the previous one. I tried it with Spotify, but it did nothing. I do not have a subscription to Apple Music (as I have a premium subscription with Spotify) or any songs from iTunes...

got the update a few weeks ago and saw the music note app. it allows you to control the itunes app on your iphone.

I did notice that the app disappeared with the 1.278 update last night.


I meant to note on here I received this reply when inquiring via their support portal.. "The latest update to your Walgreens device has mistakenly displayed the music note icon used for our music control feature. Music control was originally intended as an in-app purchase for Walgreens devices, but we ran into issues when attempting to implement functionality which limits the display of the music note until music control has been purchased. An additional Walgreens device update is in the works to hide the music note icon once more. All this being said, we are working to compile inquiries regarding music control, and will be making a case for the reinstatement of music control. Thanks for sharing your interest with us!" Tease. Ha. I wouldn't mind the ability to set a simple vibrating TIMER from the watch itself.. I find myself quickly needing a timer but phone is not immediately accessible for perfect timing.. Just throwing an idea out there for future updates..

I was in my Walgreens tracker playing Amazon music from my phone. The watch would not allow me to forward or pause. Nothing.

The appearance of the music note did not bring music-player functionality to the Walgreens activity trackers. It has been corrected in the latest software update, so please make sure to update past 1.277. 

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