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How to properly set up my steps I had been up for an hour or more still have not tracked one step

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My device is not counting my steps. Very frustrating. Please fix.I have a striiv fusion activity tracker.

Hi Corinne, we'd like you to try a quick step test: take 100-200 continuous steps and keep count mentally, then compare steps taken to steps recorded on the Fusion. What's the result?

Hi Sandra, 

 What device are you using? For most of our devices, once you get synced to your phone, you should be counting right away!

 One thing to know, is we're not counting steps while the screen is on, so try taking 20-30 steps around and then checking again!

I have been up several hours and my strive fusion have only calulated 60 step it 12:30p

I am wearing a fitbit tracker alone with the fusion bio, and there is a major different between the steps being counting.  The minutes I get uo out of bed the fit bit start counting th steps right away, but when I check the fusion it has not started for abount 15 to 20 min. later.  So, when my fitbit clock in at 10,000 steps the fusion bio is at 7,400, why the wide of discrepancy?

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