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Hi Striivers, 

 As we announced a few months ago, we've shut the older forums down to concentrate all our efforts on this forum - I'll be attempting to migrate over old threads, but we're planning on making this a much more active forum for you to share your stories and get help from fellow Striivers!

how do I find other stiiv users for the game

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I agreement with Maggie - there needs to be a place where we can find and add followers. I mean, no one I personally know has a Striiv.

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Here you go!

Thxs Mike but it's NOT what I was looking for.  I would like to add 'OTHER' Striiv users.  I, like Michael, don't PERSONALLY know any striiv users.  What you referred us to only shows a '0' for friends.  

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I haven't come across any concentrated lists of people seeking Striiv friends yet, but if you hop onto this topic, we can get one started!

Add me people! :)

now on second unit in one day

neither can connect via Bluetooth

blue light does not come on, it only stays green

no assistance that works is available

Hello. I was a huge fan of the walkathon. I loved the people I walked with. I can not find any of them on this app. This app feels incomplete without striiv friends. Are their any other apps that were similar to striiv walkathon? Not that I want to leave but I don't see the purpose of this any more. It's boring and not fun. How do we make it fun again? I am sad about this

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I also would like to fine friends too! And also I would love fine more information on my land????
I would like to be able to use my new striiv play. Cannot turn on or charge it. help!! 

Hi Jo Ann -- please email us at and we'll get you back up and running!

Why isn't the app just like the Striiv Smart Pedometer? It was fun, motivational, and easy to use. It had challenges, races, stair counting, etc... It was a perfect platform. Please make the app like the Smart...


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Anyone experiencing problems with MyLand on iSO? Since yesterday, it seems that I cannot access the bottom commands like Upgrade and switch from island to island... as if the screen was not long enough... 

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I too can not "upgrade" on my land..... Is this a "bug" in the new update? Because I was Upgrading.... But now the option is not there
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