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Pickup Notifications on BT Reconnect

It would be great if I leave my phone behind (say when I go into a meeting) and when I return, the Striiv Fusion reconnects and refreshes notifications that have not been cleared and alerts me. 

Also would like alert when BT connection to phone is lost and ability for each device to locate the other.

Also remote camera operation - to be able to take a photo by tapping the fusion would be nice.

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All great suggestions! We are working on the auto-reconnect function and your notifications recap feature would fit perfectly into the reconnect procedure. By now, we're sure you've noticed the Wifi symbol with the ! through it displayed in place of date on the time screen of your Fusion. This is our first iteration of a connection warning function, which alerts you when the device is no longer connected to your phone/tablet. We hope to implement a 'find phone/device' feature to go along with the connection warning. Remote camera control is an idea we've had as well. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your interests with us! We appreciate any and all feedback to help us improve on and expand our device capabilities. 

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