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Striiv Play and Activity App - where are the games?

Hi I just bought a Striiv Play and installed the Striiv app.  Outside of 'Walkathon', I don't see the fitness games mentioned on the packaging.  I just have the basic step and distance counters on the app (Iphone 5). Where did the games go?  Did Striiv discontinue Myland and the games?  Thats' why I bought it!

Sounds like your Play may be in default, which would cause MyLand to disappear from the app home screen when the Play is paired with your account. In order to confirm this, we'll need your device ID: open the app and select the Play tile on the app home screen, then select debug info where you'll see your device ID. 

Device ID:


Device ID:


Hi Rich, your Play is confirmed in default and has been added to a list for a fix to be applied in the next few days. Nothing needs to be done on your end in order for the fix to take effect. When the fix is applied, you will see MyLand reappear in the app. Thanks for reporting this!

Can you also fix mine as well.  My device id is 5528A14E0C712000F00

Hi Sax_chick88, looks like that ID is incomplete. Please email us at and include a screenshot of the debug info screen visible within the Play tile on the Striiv app home screen. 

can you fix mine also: 



I cannot access my MyLand... Thanks.

Can you fix my device also, I lost my MyLand...

Device ID: 


many thanks

I can't find myland or my list of friends. I was using the striiv app then changed to the striiv activity tracker app. Device ID: 552845899B4624001800

Any current issues with MyLand likely relate to a server migration currently taking place. While the migration is under way, you won't have access to certain features in the app that require server connection like MyLand and the friends tile among other things. The migration should be done sometime today. If you still don't have access to MyLand and other features by tomorrow, email us at for further assistance. 

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