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G1 error

I am on my third Fusion and once again I have a G1 error.  Surely I am not the only person that is having this problem.  I noticed that it wasn't counting my steps.  Contacted customer support and was told to find the info area on the device and check on the  GTC numbers.  If there is a 1 after the G, it means there is a problem with the tracking.

I really liked this device and totally enjoy the Myland game but I am now fed up with it breaking all of the time.  It must be a lemon model.  Just wondering if other people are experiencing this.

I do not wear it in the shower so it isn't getting wet.  Otherwise, it is on my wrist all of the time (when it isn't charging).

Just wondering if I have totally wasted my money on this product.

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For any users experiencing G sensor failure (G:1), in most cases this is an indication that the g sensor in your device merely froze for more than 5 seconds at some point. This does not mean the device is faulty. To correct the issue, factory reset your device at the beginning of your day after syncing with the app (to avoid losing any recorded stats still on the device): turn on the device and swipe to the left of the time/date screen to select Apps>settings (gear icon)>Factory Reset?>tap the check mark to confirm. 

This will require you to re-pair the device with the app, but it should allow your device to track once more! As always, if the g sensor failure indicator reappears please don't hesitate to email us for further assistance. 

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