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All progress in game lost

When I turned on my striiv app this mirning to check my progress witt the game everything had been reset as if I had never played the game...can my progress be re i stituted as it was?

Not happy the new update took all I had acquired. Over a million steps and started me over from scratch.
I was told to log out and back in gave me back most of what I had done but not all..Customer Support told me they could reset it for me..they are still working on it..This is the result of me putting a ticket which I found on the website...good luck!!
Thanks for the information about signing out and signing in. Just like you said most came back except my last upgrade around 90,000 energy. Not bad could have been worse. Thanks again
I've tried to restart the phone and the app after the IOS 9 update, but all that I acquired in building up my game is gone. My friends are still there, and my total energy and coins seem to be the same, but no plants or buildings stayed.
Wrong on my former post-lost all coins and gems too.
I signed off of Striiv, turned my phone off & back on, then signed back onto Striiv & that restored everything for me.
Yes, Kathi, that worked for me too last night. Right now GOAL has been vibrating on my watch for a few minutes and drained the battery. After I charge it, maybe it will be finished with whatever is being updated. It will be an interesting week, I think.
Sorry to hear that! I hope it gets straightened out soon...
I have done all the suggestions and everything, however, yesterday I went to sleep and had over 7000 energyand this morning when I woke up I have like three or 400 energy so I don't know what to do
Here's what I got when mine started the random "goal" buzzing- Hi Kathi, Thank you for reaching out to us. I will be happy to help. Please do a factory reset on your device. "Factory Reset" is found on your Walgreens Premium Activity Tracker, under apps > settings (small gear icon), and will delete all the recorded data on your device (data already synced to your phone will remain on our servers linked to your account) and restore it to factory settings. Your Walgreens Premium Activity Tracker will display a 4 digit pairing code as it did coming out of the retail box. After doing a Factory Reset, you'll have to re-pair your device to your phone. The inability to see your friends' steps is a known issue as we undergo server migration and get our app set up on a new system. The team is working hard to bring this functionality back and it is one of the highest priorities of our engineering team. Thank you for your patience with the process. Ticket: Regards, Mel Striiv Customer Care
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