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Band will not pair with Nexus 5

Hi Guys,

I've tried every"solution" I can find online and have generated two service tickets with Striiv tech support, to no avail.

Every time I try to pair my (brand new) Band it fails at Step 1.

I have reset Bluetooth, force-closed the app and restarted my phone several times each.  I have reinstalled the app, cleared the cache, reset the Band with a pin, etc.  In my phone's Settings Bluetooth sees and pairs with the Band device, but the app will not recognise it.

I'm running Android 5.0.1

Any fresh ideas?

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now on second unit in one day

neither can connect via Bluetooth

blue light does not come on, it only stays green

no assistance that works is available

looks like back to Best Buy again and purchase a unit from a competitor

I know thye pair up as I did my wife's in less than 5 minutes 

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