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Reset password

How do you get a reset password, from the app if I request a new password it takes me to a web page but my email address is unknown however if I try to re-register with the address previously used and requested the reset for it says email already in use?

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Hi Corinne -- please check your email, as you should have received the reset password link we sent a couple of days ago. 

I to need my password reset how do I go about this? Thanks, Mark.

hi cant login want to rest passwordwont let me login

cant login want to reset password 

Trying to pair my bio plus 2 with my phone and when I go to sign in it says it isnt recognized, says app not accessible on FB, and when I go to sign in as a new member with my other email address it says info is wrong. How can I go about signing in and repairing?
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