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Looking for friends

Been using my striiv for about 6 months and love it but I need friends. Susan Vanderhorst. Is anything else needed?

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People from from or near Québec, had me. Qqn du Québec ou des environ ajoutez moi.

Shakira, I can not add you without knowing surname sorry

New member feel free to add me

hi friends i am new here just got my striiv so add me as your friends

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Looking for friends as well! I'm in Canada, if you wanted to know! lol


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hi friends keep on adding me... I am from US

I am a new user add me :) I speak french and English


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Keep on adding me!! Looking for lots of motivation!! And to play the game also! Let's get fit for the summer!! Woo hoo! (I'm in Canada for the folks in Australia who are opposite seasons)

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I'm 23 years old , i'm french but I talk english. I just buy my striiv fusion lite. Looking for friends add me!!

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I'm also looking for friends.

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Would love to have friends on striiv .. add me Jessica Podmore

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Loved to be added for support! Alexandra Blanco

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alexander and vicki i tried to friend you but were not found.  If you want to friend me...I will accept!!

just got my striiv!  looking for friends!!!

60 year old female, any other over 50 ' s here?

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