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Really don't trust the accuracy of the Fusion.

I'm having a really hard time trusting the accuracy of the Fusion fitness tracker.  I wouldn't even call it a Fitness Tracker, more like a suped up pedometer.  

I just did a 96 minute high intensity cardio/strength workout and my Fusion is telling me I only had 13 active minutes, burned 45 calories, and took less than 2000 steps.  I was also awake for 4 hours prior to this workout and was up and about.  

The cardio/strength workout I completed is a 1000 calorie workout and tracked with another device I burned just slightly under 1000.  

This is really disappointing.  I had looked forward to this fitness tracker for weeks, as I knew my bf was getting it for me for Xmas.  

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I'm having the same exact problem. I just did a short 20 minute cardio workout and it said I burned less than 20 calories, took less than 100 steps, and have had 5 active minutes. I as well have been up for a few hours.

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Right!  This is happening to me everyday.  It's annoying.  Kind of defeats the purpose for me.  

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I want to know why no employees of striiv is not responding to our issues?????

I have had the same issue! Mine told me one day I did over 1000 steps in 7 mins of just leisurely walking through my house. Then I tested it against my S5 and whoa, it was way off. Tracker said over 2000 steps and S5 was well over 5000 on a 30 min walk on treadmill. This fitness tracker is not accurate at all.... Very disappointed

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