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interfacing with Glooko app

I have diabetes and use an Omnipod insulin pump and there is a app that I use on my iPhone 6s plus called Glooko ( that I use to manager my diabetes.  It will upload my data from my pump and create reports.   It will also interface with the following devices:

Fitbit, iHealth, Jawbone UP, Moves app, Runkeeper, Strava,and Withings to input their data into these reports that can be sent to your doctor or you can monitor it your self.

I would love to have Striiv interface with this app.

Does this interface with Sparkpeople or are their plans for that?

Any reply about my comments? I have a Fusion Bio 

Hi Richard,

There are no current plans to interface with Glooko, but I've added your feedback to our Feature Request Log.



Striiv Customer Care

Any reply about my comments?
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