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two connections

Can you connect the two smartphone Striiv fusion devices another one android or ios?

Not sure if you're trying to connect a Fusion to two different phones, or if you're trying to connect two Fusions to the same phone ... but I have some (albeit limited) experience with both.  Your mileage may vary.

Here goes:

On the day I gave my GF her Fusion, I wanted it "ready".  So I charged it, and actually wore it on my wrist that day ... right alongside my Touch.  (Was interesting to measure step counts ... which were very close on the two devices, BTW).  This worked without a problem.  I was a able to view either device's info on my Android phone by simply logging out of one account and into the other.  The phone paired with both devices simultaneously and worked as expected in both cases.

Sometimes, at night, I need to charge my phone, so if I'm doing Striiv things (MyLand, etc.) then I like to switch my Touch over to the Android tablet that I use to control my Entertainment Center.  This is a bit trickier.  Some nights it cooperates, some nights it's very frustrating (and eventually works), and some nights I just give up.

When it works ... all of the following need to be true:

1) You need to log out on the first device (my phone in this case).

2) You need to turn the first device off, or otherwise get it far enough away from your Striiv so that the BlueTooth isn't paired and active.  As far as I can tell, a single Striiv device cannot simultaneously be paired and active on two Phones/Tablets.  Note that this is in addition to (not instead of) #1 ... it is still imperative that you log out prior to turning the device off or separating it from your Striiv.

3) At this point, logging in on the 2nd Phone/Tablet should be all you need to do.  For me this works about 75% of the time.  The symptom when it doesn't work is that I can login, the device pairs with Tablet swimmingly (so I can see the step count change etc.) but it cannot connect (via the internet) to the Striiv server (even though the Tablet is obviously connected to the internet because I can use it to surf the web).  Hence, no MyLand (which is the primary reason for my switching over in the first place, so it's a bit of a deal breaker!)

Rebooting the Tablet and/or rebooting the Striiv seems to solve this issue maybe 50% of the time when it occurs.  The other 50% of the time, I just resign myself that it isn't going to work, re-attach my Striiv to my phone when it finishes charging, and try again the next day.


So - like Keith said - there are workarounds, but we've designed our devices to pair to one device at a time. Officially, we can't support pairing to multiple devices/pairing multiple trackers to one phone, but we know people have with varying degrees of success.

If we release any updates that make this possible/supported, we'll let you know!

what can we do if we have it connected to a phone and no longer own that phone and want to connect it to another phone now i cant figure out how to with the striiv band it wont let me even if i reset the device

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