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The distance

If I already connect the Striiv with my smartphone, can I put my smartphone at my house and at the same time, I am outside in work with the Striiv watch. Is the striiv is going to work or I need always the smartphone next to me for the striiv to work? 

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Well ... that depends upon your definition of "work".

Once your Striiv is paired with your phone, it will continue to function (ie, track your steps, allow you to interact with it's on-screen displays, icons, functions, etc.) as long as it's on your wrist and maintains battery power.

However, while it is out of bluetooth range with your phone, it cannot communicate with the phone, or (because it uses the phone's internet connectivity) the internet.  So that means that you won't receive text or email notifications, and the steps you log while out of range won't be reflected in your online account, friends leaderboards, etc.  (And if someone were to pickup your phone and open "MyLand", then they would not have the benefit of the energy from any steps you've taken since drifting out of range).

You can instantly tell if your Striiv and phone are out of bluetooth range, because it will display a small symbol in place of the date when you first "wake it up".  The symbol looks very much like the wireless indicator that you see on iPhones and Android devices ... except it has an exclamation point in the middle.

When the Striiv and the phone are once again within range, they will "sync up" and the discrepancies will be resolved.  Your step count will "catch up" on your phone, and will be reported to your account on the internet (which is used for friends leaderboards, MyLand, etc.)  You will not, however, get "cached" notifications of emails and phone calls that have come into your phone in the interim.  You're going to have to check your phone for that.  (And this might be a welcome upgrade feature ... though it may prove difficult to implement).

Occasionally (and apparently more often for some) the re-syncing won't be automatic, and will require you to "wake up" your device by tapping on it while in the phone's presence.  And if that turns out to be a stubborn process (ie. it's not working) then toggling your phone's bluetooth off and on generally solves it instantly (or that's been my experience, anyway).

It can also happen that the Striiv and the phone lose their bluetooth connection even while they are in close proximity to each other (again, this happens more for some than others) which will produce all of symptoms I've described above ... all the way down to the indicator in place of the date.

But in that case the same procedure for re-syncing applies.  First, tap the screen to wake up your Striiv, and if that doesn't work, proceed to toggling your phone's bluetooth.  I've found that 99% of the time, this is all that's required.


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