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Avoid Duplicate Notification

I rely on striiv to show me new Whatsapp messages, It's best if i can see the actual message. Even if there's design issue due to limited real estate on screen, at least suppress Duplicated notifications.

Ex, My friend Ed messaged me 5 times, I am now seeing "Whatspp Message from Ed" x 5. It's good if you can show only 1 notification with the number of duplicates.

or even just ignore the duplicate, 'cause the interface is not providing any extra info to the user. It's particularly effective for those Group chats where a gang is arranging for an event. there'll be Tons of messages firing back and forth from the same group.

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Hey Patrick - I like this one, and stacked notifications could be useful. I can't make any promises, but I am passing this along to the product and engineering teams!

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