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Screen Protector Striiv fusion bio

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if i can find somewhere a screen protector my fusion bio ?

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Hmm ... never thought of that.  My Touch seems to be holding up pretty well after nearly a year of daily wear and frequent taps (even survived the AquaDuck on the Disney Dream!), but that's not a half-bad idea. 

I'd be mildly concerned about sensitivity, though.  My gf has a Fusion and it's noticeably less responsive to taps on the case (side or top) and/or activating the on-screen icons.  Adding a screen protector into the mix couldn't possibly improve this, and may make it worse.

I doubt that anyone manufactures a screen protector just for the Fusion.  However, I have all sorts of weird electronics (I work in the industry) and have found a "go-to" solution for that problem.

There is a company called Zeikos that makes an inexpensive generic screen protector kit.  Basically, you get three 3" x 5" sheets of screen protector, backed by a handy ruled grid to help you in your cutting. 

So you measure the size of the screen protector you need, cut it out on the sheet using the grid ... peel, apply, and you're all set.  I last purchased these on Amazon.  If you search there (or just generally on the web) ... I'm sure it will turn up.

One caveat ... these aren't the easiest things in the world to apply (very thin, and a tendency toward bubbles until you get the hang of it).  I've worked with other screen protector products that are definitely superior in that regard.  However, the Zeikos is the only one I've ever seen with a ruled grid on the back (which makes so much sense).  Also, the Fusion is small enough to make application (which is very unforgiving to mistakes ... absolutely no re-positioning!) a bit less daunting than say, a 5" cellphone (for which I wouldn't recommend Zeikos unless you're just a screen protector wizard!) 

True enough, a Fusion is so small that you could cut just about any screen protector in existence to fit.  You just need to come up with a clever way of cutting it to the right size.  Perhaps cutting in tandem with a piece of ruled paper, or starting out with a paper template?
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