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Want journaling feature for Walgreens devices

I recently purchased the Walgreens Activity Tracker Premium, which is like the fusion bio. I downloaded the app and saw that the latest version allowed for journaling capabilities. I was very disappointed to find out it is not supported with the Walgreens device, even though I use the same app. There is even an advertisement at the bottom of the app screen about journaling. I would love for the Walgreen's devices to have the same updates as the Striiv sold devices. 

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the info.  I will certainly follow-up on your suggestion.

Hi Folks - so... with Walgreens-branded devices, it's not just Striiv that's making feature decisions. This isn't a knock at Walgreens, it's just a fact of life. We're a small company, and being small lets us move quickly. Walgreens is definitely not a small company, so there are more hoops to jump through and red tape to cut in order to get features out. Right now, the most effective thing you can probably do is to let Walgreens' support folks and product folks know that Journaling is something that you want to have as a feature on Walgreens devices. 

Right now, I honestly don't know what the timeframe is for Journaling for Walgreens devices, but I will post in this thread if I get any news. 

I'm with Reid. I too would like the journaling feature. If improvements like this are not going to be offered, that should be noted on Walgreens packaging so consumers can make a more informed choice.
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