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Striiv fusion bio 2 ?

Thanks for the recent update. I saw that you prepare a striiv fusion bio 2. We can expect new features?

Richard -- Unfortunately, we won't be able to offer any discount. 

Gigi -- That feature isn't available right now, but I have added your feedback to our Feature Request Log. The more people we hear from about a certain feature, the more we can push for that feature to be included in future updates/products, so I appreciate hearing from you on this!

The Bio 2 should be available on Amazon and Best Buy, and we hope to have it available in our webstore soon. If you're in Canada, Best Buys there should begin stocking them later next month.

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Any timeline as to when the Fusion Bio 2 will be available?

Will screen brightness (high, low or automatic) be optional on the Fusion Bio 2?

I would happily sacrifice hours of battery life for this option.

Will there be a discount for those who have the 1st gen to upgrade to the 2nd gen versions? 

Hi Richard,

The Bio 2 uses different hardware/technology to achieve its new features, so the first-generation Bio won't be able to upgrade to that level.



Striiv Customer Care

Is there going to be an update to the 1st gen fusion bio that will have the new features in Bio 2?

especially about continuous heart rate. This new feature will work also on the fusion bio first generation ?
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