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Upgrading to a new band?

Anybody go from an existing band to a Fusion2 yet?

Were you able to keep your existing account and MyLand progress, or did you have to start all over?

No charging cradle and 1 month battery life is definitely worthy of an upgrade (I have a Touch) ... but if I can't keep my progress, then I'll probably just wait until I max out the MyLand garden (Android).  Shouldn't take more than 6 months or so at the rate I'm going, but I'd probably upgrade sooner if I knew I could keep my progress.

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Hi Keith,

The Fusion 2 uses the same app as previous Striiv devices, so as long as you pair the new device to same account (you'll need to un-pair your old device from the account first), you should retain all your previously recorded data.



Striiv Customer Care

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