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Battery Issue with Striiv Fusion Tracker

 Hi Support Team,

I had bought this fusion tracker from Best Buy (a sealedpiece) and have charged my device with the cables shipped with it. The device doesnt show the battery correctly. Meaning that once charged to 100% and taken away, it drops to 89% and then 72% within minutes.

It also sometimes keeps charging for hours showing only 45% charged.

I have tried factory resetting the device multiple times and everytime it shows a new battery percentage.

a.) Should i return the device to Best buy and ask for refund (I am thinking of since it looks like a INCOMPLETE/UNFINISHED product launched into market without proper testing). 

b.) Is there anything your team can help avoid making me take the decision (a)?

Very Unhappy with the quality of the product.

Current Likelihood to Recommend the product: 2/10

Overall Satisfaction: 0/10

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Hi Anmol,

Please check your email!



Striiv Customer Care

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