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Device will not charge

My watch will not hold a charge nor will it even take a charge at this point. I have tried to clean the connections on the back with alcohol and a toothbrush to see if that would help and it did not make any difference. I went to the store where I bought my watch and tried to return it so I could get a new one and they told me that they could not do so and that I would have to go through you hence this email. I have had to buy a new watch, because, due to medical reasons I cannot be without a heart rate monitor and a means of tracking my step count. Due to that I need your help in figuring out how we are going to solve the matter of either returning my money on this or getting me a working watch. I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience thank you. Melanie Lopez
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Hi Melanie,

I've converted this forum post into a support ticket, and I've emailed you to continue our troubleshooting. Please check your email for my response!



Striiv Customer Care

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